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Rules written by latiN, 2011-05-30 11:50 CEST (1 comments)

Date: 8.6.2011 (Wednesday)
Format: 3v3
SignUp: Started
Start: 15th of june !


Every player has to record demos. If other team asks for demos tell admin about this so there wont be any score acceptations untill the demo has been uploaded. However if team asks for demos then the asking team must upload amount equal to demos asked also and give URL to admin and oppositing team.

If a player is caught cheating, the team will be disqualified and proofs will be sent to CB C&A team.

Atleast one player from each team must idle in #Nbs

Both teams must lock & speclock to prevent any problems, use specinvite. Spectators must use Slac also. (This means that spectators are allowed.)

If a team fails to check in, they will NOT be playing.

If a team doesn't show for 15 minutes after decided playing time, they will be disqualified. Make sure to take screenshot of sl_players to see which players were on the server and remember to include the global time clock so I can see there actually have 15mins gone.

ALL PLAYERS MUST USE SLAC. If u have player using MAC or Linux please pmme (rzq) about the issue that who is the player and which oss he/she is using so I can check the situation.

Screenshot of /sl_players must be sent to admin with screenshot of results, if there aint screenshot of Slac ID's it will be double forfeit.

Don't spam admin to accept your team, if you fullfiled the terms, you will be accepted.

Players who has ban on CB/ESL will not be accepted, also if u have C&A history it must be older than 3 - months.

Cointoss the first attacker.



Final: Both teams will choose map from mappool (ETTV)


IRC: #Nbs
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